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Thank you for your interest!

New Clients

I cannot say thank you enough to all of my clients for helping me grow such a beautiful clientele over the years.  I am still accepting new clients, but cannot always accommodate everyone! I understand hair is time sensitive, and I want you to be in good hands even if I cannot take you on as a new client. 

With that being said, if I am unable to get you scheduled in, I would like to refer you to an amazing stylist who can get you on their books in a timely manner. Both of these stylists I trust with my own hair, so you will also feel confident in their chair. 

Meet Jill


Jillian is an experienced stylist who works at Shear Savage here in Enfield, CT. She is welcoming new clients! It would be great to see you in the salon, even if you aren't in my chair!

Meet Gwyn


Gwyn is an amazing stylist, with talent well beyond her years. Her personality is as beautiful as her work.

She is located in Southwick MA. 

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