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Hello Beautiful!

Are you ready for dimensional, healthy hair with a fully customized experience?

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I want you to find your new "hair home" with me. 

So you want to find a new stylist to give you healthy, beautiful dimensional color but maybe...

-You have trust issues because your hair has been damaged in the past.

-You haven't found a salon where you can feel relaxed and not anxious the whole appointment. 


-You aren't sure what color is best for you.

-You have or have had flat, boring color. 

-You struggle to style your hair.  

-You want a luxury experience without the uppity feel. 


But by... Committing to a hairstylist that has built their business and techniques around finding your very best hair, you'll be in the hands of someone who has all of the solutions to all of the things holding you back from loving your hair, all the time.


Let me take care of your locks, and leave feeling refreshed, energized, confident and ready to take on the rest of your day. 

Your next Steps

1. Assurance

Make sure to review my Service Menu to get a good expecation of what your investment may look like, and what all is included in your service.

2. Discover

Fill out a short form where you'll explore your hair history and goals. 

3. Approval

Upon approval, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to book an appointment with me. Keep your eye out for that!

4. Commit

At this point, you'll be set up with a reservation for your service, feeling confident in our plan moving forward! 

Congratulations on investing in yourself to make your hair dreams come true. 

Going to a new, traditional salon may be intimidating. Trusting a new stylist can be hard. That's what's unique about my salon setting-- we are accepting of all people and love to have fun -- and we've created the best way to have a relaxing, judgement free experience customized just for you. 

We'll have a thorough consultation to make sure you are 100% confident in the services you'll be receiving. Your first visit will be slightly longer. To assure we are not rushed, please leave ample time for your appointment. Expect to be pampered with complimentary drinks, and snacks. And don't worry, I've got you covered with phone chargers and free Wi-Fi to keep you entertained while your color processes.  

Feeling the Vibe Yet?

After your color is done processing, we'll get you shampooed, in which you'll receive one of my famous scalp massages, and a complimentary hot towel with the essential oils of your choice. 

During drying and styling, Ill teach you the secrets on keeping your hair looking exactly like it was the day you left my chair. We will work with your hair, and not against it. 

We'll create a maintenance plan and home care routine together to make sure you feel great about your hair all the way until your next visit to the salon. 

Once I make sure you absolutely love the finished product, we'll get you set up for your next appointment, checked out, and you'll be on your way to show off your beautiful hair. 

All new clients will be contacted once your form is received, with further instructions on how to book your first appointment, or a referral to another stylist that I think would be a fantastic fit for you and your hair needs. 

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